Frequently asked questions

1. How can I change my name in my profile?

Users cannot change their names. If you entered your name by mistake or changed your name, you must contact us directly (link) to update your details. Attaching a copy of an official proof of name document is essential for seamless processing of your request.

A listing contains all development materials required for reproducing the results of a scientific paper.

1. Can I add a listing if I am not a co-author of the reference publication?

Yes, you do not need to be a co-author to add a listing to a reference publication.

2. Can I add a listing for a reference publication that already exists in the library?

Yes, there is no limit on the number listings for a given reference publication.

3. Can I add a listing that I downloaded it from the library?

No, Scileap strictly prohibits reselling of any downloaded materials to protect the original publishers’ right.

4. How can I edit information in my listings?

All the added listings are deemed final copies, and no amendment is allowed after submitting. If there is any mistake, you can delete and resubmit the corrected version.

5. Can I add listings that are not linked to any published paper?

No, all the listings in the library must be linked to a published paper.

Scileap partnered with Stripe to handle all transactions between users and the platform. For all transaction related inquiries please refer to Stripe FAQs

1. Is adding new library listing free?


2. What is the commission rate of SciLeap?

If the listing is not free, SciLeap receives a 5% commission for each transaction. There may be other additional fees charged by third-party financial institutions such as credit card processing fee and Stripe transaction fee.

3. What to do if Stripe is not available in my location?

At the moment trading in the library only possible in countries with Stripe payment system access. In all other regions, users are still able to share listings for free. Scileap progressively adds new updates to include more payment methods to cover as many countries as possible.